How It Works

The Event

The rules are simple; YouTube star and YogsCast founder Turps has 12 hours to get as far away from Dull (the town in Scotland, not the state of mind) as he possibly can. The catch? He's only got his charm, wits and a bag of tricks to do it. Think of it as a live fusing of Hunted, Challenge Anneka and Monkey Island.

What's worse, the nearest Pret A Manger is 80 miles away.


  1. Starting at 7AM, Turps has 12 hours to get as far away from Dull as he possibly can.

  2. Turps can take any transport he likes, but can't pay for it. You can help him out by gifting him lifts, bus rides, train tickets and the like.

  3. Turps isn't allowed to travel more than 100 miles using one form of transport, so no jumping on a train and spending the whole day heading to Newquay!

  4. Turps can use items that we've given him to barter for rides, food and directions.

  5. At 7PM the game ends - the person who guessed the closest to where he gets to wins the prize!